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January 26, 2012

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(Tweet this article!) Last week, we released our mobile Individual Property Websites (IPWs) and as a follow up, we want to discuss why we felt there was a need to release these mobile IPWs now.  As we all know, the usage of mobile is continuing to grow as more and more Americans are adopting Smartphones – which in turn is generating more mobile traffic to the internet and your website.

In a report released last October by comScore entitled Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits, they found that 6.8% of all internet traffic came from mobile.

After reading this, we wanted to see how this compared to mobile views across The Enterprise Network statistics. After reviewing our analytics, it turns out that as of December 2011, The Enterprise Network receives, on average, 14.42% of all traffic from mobile – double what the internet as a whole is experiencing.

With a large amount of mobile users coming to our sites, we wanted to dig further and see how they differed from our regular computer users. Surprisingly, they did not differ as much as we suspected. As a network, mobile users averaged 7.83 pages per visit compared to an only slightly higher 8.33 pages per visit from computer users. In fact, six network members average more pages per visit on mobile than computers.

When it came to average time on site we saw a similar trend. The Enterprise Network mobile users average 6:05 minutes on site compared to computer users that averaged 6:32. We even saw that three Network Members averaged more time on site with mobile than computers. These initial numbers gave us great insight into our mobile customers.

Additionally, we are up 170% in web visits from mobile devices compared to the previous year. 

This growth will only continue as more people adopt Smartphones, which further supports why we’ve dedicated much of our development hours to ensuring that our sites are mobile-enabled.

With the recent release of our mobile IPWs, we’ve again taken the necessary steps to ensure buyers have quick access to important property information on-the-go.  This will no doubt provide a more user-friendly and positive experience associated with your brand.

With mobile usage continuing to grow, what will your brokerage’s next step be?

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By Dyana Gutierrez



  1. Comment by Valerie Suelzer — January 27, 2012

    Thank you for this information, Dyana. We were at 19% mobile traffic in December but didn’t know how that compared to what the network and the internet as a whole was doing. This helps – looking forward to seeing more information like this – Great Job! And thank you, Active Website, for getting our sites Mobile ready early on!

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